Weird Al's daughter goes vegetarian all on her own

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Alfred Matthew Yankovic, aka Weird Al, recently revealed to Vegetarian Times that his daughter Nina is "leaning" toward a vegetarian-based diet. Even better, the decision appears totally voluntary.

"My wife and I discussed this even before Nina was born," said Yankovic. "We didn’t want to impose any kind of strict vegetarian lifestyle on her; we wanted her to make her own choices and not be limited. We know people who were forced to eat a certain way as children, then rebelled against it. But on her own she’s decided to stop eating meat. We didn’t push her; she’s an animal lover."

Weird Al, best known for parodying dozens of popular songs, became a vegetarian in 1992.

Just a few years later, he gave his reasons for the change of diet in an interview: "An old girlfriend of mine gave me a book called "Diet for a New America" and it made what I thought was a very compelling argument for a strict vegetarian diet. So now I still sing "My Bologna," but I don't really mean it!"

His daughter was born in February 2003.

Jonathan Reynolds
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