Pastry co-founder Angela Simmons says eating meat is a sin in new ad

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Designer Angela Simmons, co-founder of the Pastry fashion line, has posed in a new PETA campaign; “Eating Meat Is A Sin, Go Vegetarian.” Angela is the niece of Russell Simmons, who has long been a supporter of PETA.

In the campaign, Angela is naked, covered with only her hair and ivy, and is holding an apple. The ad is an obvious play on the original 'sin' of Eve, as depicted in the Bible.

Simmons has openly declared herself a committed Christian. “As a devout Christian, I feel it is important to show compassion of all of God’s creation – and adopting a vegetarian diet is the best way to keep innocent animals from suffering,” she states.

You can view Angela’s PETA campaign here and learn more about the work of PETA and how to adopt a vegan or vegetarian diet here.

Karyn Pyle | @natureconspires
When her son was born, Karyn began a journey of researching the impact of our daily choices on our children, the earth and its inhabitants. Now a campaigner of safe food practices and animal rights; while studying holistic medicine, she writes about her passions of organic and eco living and the ethical treatment of animals. Follow Karyn at Natures Conspiracy and Facebook.

Photo credit: PETA

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