23 September 2011

Where to eat vegan: Cultured Pearl of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

I recently spent a week with some good friends in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, and one night we were at this gorgeous little rooftop restaurant: The Cultured Pearl. While mainly a fish and meat serving restaurant, The Cultured Pearl was more than satisfying for all the vegetarians and vegans in the group. With plenty of maki roll options and several different salads and plates that could easily be made vegan. I was a happy girl, plus did I mention it was gorgeous up there?

This is the Delaware Roll. Fishes are my friends, not my foods, so they get a picture too!

Seaweed salad! So fancy.

Lacey Walker | @quinoaween
Lacey is a food photographing, French speaking, English teaching, travel enthusiast. She's been known to cut a rug. She's also been known to spend all day in bed eating vegan waffles and talking to her cat Hibou. Follow Lacey on her blog and Flickr.

Photo credit: Lacey