27 September 2011

Follow-up to Bob’s Red Mill $25M donation to OHSU

Bob and Charlee Moore, the founders of Bob’s Red Mill, have issued a statement on the Bob’s Red Mill blog regarding their $25 million donation to Oregon Health & Science University.

Bob Moore states that the donation will NOT go toward funding animal research.

A statement from Mark A. Richardson, M.D., M.B.A., Dean of the OHSU School of Medicine also addresses the issue of the Moore’s philanthropic donation. Of this, he says, “We will honor the intent of their gift explicitly.”

That means this donation will NOT go toward funding animal testing at OHSU, and that in their quest to study childhood obesity, they will NOT take to their laboratories to research on animals.

The major discussion about this donation is still—why OHSU?

I believe we can all appreciate the Moore's goal with their donation, but what a lot of us do not understand is why an institution with such cruel practices was chosen. So I ask you, TDIV readers, what’s your opinion?

See also: The Informed Vegan's take on the statement.

Kelly Beth | @veganbotanicals
Kelly Beth is a smiley vegan herbalist and wanderer, and currently resides in Boulder, Colorado with her fiancé and kitty (kitty face). She created twig & leaf botanicals, a vegan & organic herbal apothecary 3 years ago to bring healthy, plant-based alternatives to mainstream medicine and home care. Follow Kelly Beth on her blog and Facebook.

Photo credit: flickr.com/photos/crumj