20 September 2011

Elisabetta Canalis would rather go naked than wear fur

Elisabetta Canalis, Italian media goddess and fresh on the singles “meat market,” posed naked recently for a PETA anti-fur ad and seemed to be none the worse for the wear after breaking up with perpetual heartthrob George Clooney.

Canalis’ long, lithe body is featured in the ad with her hands placed strategically over various parts while her long brown hair blows provocatively behind her.

Her photo shoot is just another in a series of nude celebrity photos connected to the “Rather Go Naked than Wear Fur” campaign launched by PETA. Dominique Swain, Pamela Anderson, Kim Basinger, Christy Turlington, Imogen Bailey, Christina Applegate, and Holly Madison are just a few of the famous beauties to grace the ads with their unclothed bods.

In Canalis’ particular ad, she urges viewers to abstain from buying fur because animals can’t speak for themselves.

"Don't buy fur," she says. "Even a little trim—your gloves or your bag or your jackets …. You must remember that animals don't have a voice. You must be their voice. Never be afraid to speak up."

Kathryn Lorusso
Kathryn is a former journalist and English teacher who now counsels and mediates teenage drama on a daily basis in the Dallas, Ft. Worth metroplex. Time away from school is spent cooking up new macrobiotic/vegan specialties, writing various blogs and newsletters and taking as many bikram yoga classes as possible.

Photo credit: PETA