09 September 2011

Humane Society International reveals its first global ambassador, Kesha

International pop star Ke$ha, has recently been named as the Humane Society International’s (HSI) first global ambassador.

Ke$ha is a world class musician with 6 consecutive hits with her latest album Animal selling over 2 million copies worldwide.

Frequently her music is seen to have an underlying message of acceptance of all living creatures, giving us a window into her personal ethics.

“I believe that together, we can change laws that allow innocent animals to be unjustly mistreated and abused all over the world." Ke$ha said in a statement about her new role.

Ke$ha’s success has afforded her the unique position of being able to influence a global market for a single cause, to protect and ensure animals welfare and safety.

She is currently raising money for HSI by collaborating with Tickets-For-Charity, by offering premium tickets to fans in sold out shows across America, in support of this important cause.

In her her first role as ambassador, she has asked her fan base to sign a petition to ensure the European Union will follow through with its promise to ban the sale of cosmetics that have been tested on animals, by 2013.

You can sign the petition here, or purchase her premium-seating concert tickets to raise money for ASI here.

Karyn Pyle | @natureconspires
When her son was born, Karyn began a journey of researching the impact of our daily choices on our children, the earth and its inhabitants. Now a campaigner of safe food practices and animal rights; while studying holistic medicine, she writes about her passions of organic and eco living and the ethical treatment of animals. Follow Karyn at Natures Conspiracy and Facebook.

Photo credit: Album cover/Amazon