02 September 2011

Cornelia Guest launches cruelty free handbag line

New York socialite Cornelia Guest has launched a new line of handbags she likes to term as ‘cruelty free.’ Her line is eco-friendly; non-animal derived, and boasts style and luxury - without the luxury price tag.

All of her handbags will retail for under $300, in stark contrast to the luxury line by vegan fashion industry leader Stella McCartney; who’s handbags can set you back over $1000.

"I am a huge fan of Stella McCartney. What she is doing is incredible but her bags are expensive. I wanted something more affordable for myself and for my friends. That is very important right now;” says Guest.

Guest’s handbags are created from wood, organic cottons, recyclable PVC, and faux leathers.

Vegan and cruelty-free fashion accessories are becoming more mainstream and acceptable to the public, largely due to the higher quality products being presented, and Hollywood stars like Natalie Portman; who is a vocal promoter of vegan fashion and accessories.

Guest’s line can be purchased at Bloomingdale’s beginning in the fall.

Karyn Pyle | @natureconspires
When her son was born, Karyn began a journey of researching the impact of our daily choices on our children, the earth and its inhabitants. Now a campaigner of safe food practices and animal rights; while studying holistic medicine, she writes about her passions of organic and eco living and the ethical treatment of animals. Follow Karyn at Natures Conspiracy and Facebook.

Photo credit:cc:flickr.com/photos/rubenstein_