29 August 2011

Organization educates public on spay/neuter during kitten season

Everyone loves a kitten, and with all the kittens born during the warmer months, kitten season is by far an incredibly cute one. However, the outcome of the season is usually not good.

Due to kitten season leading to the overpopulation of cats, many of these adorable animals end up in shelters, and sadly nearly half are euthanized. The good news, there is a simple solution to this sad ending, spay/neutering. And the world's largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization wants to raise awareness of the importance of spay/neuter services with  a program called Spay/USA.

The North Shore Animal League America started Spay/USA in 1990, which is a referral service for affordable spay/neuter services across the country. By raising awareness of the available and low-cost spay/neuter services, cats will in turn live better lives, and not suffer from the sad consequences of cat overpopulation.

Spaying or neutering an animal also has many other positive side effects, aside from the length of their precious lives. VP and Chief of Veterinary Staff at North Shore Animal League explained, "for female dogs and cats, spaying stops the heat cycle and dramatically reduces the risk of mammary gland cancer and pyometra which can be deadly. In male animals, neutering eliminates testicular cancer. Additionally, there is less aggressiveness and roaming in animals that have been spayed or neutered."

Not only will a pet be happier and healthier, but they will be free to roam and socialize with other animals without bringing more lives into the world. We must first concentrate on caring for the animals that are already here.

There are so many kittens available to adopt all over the world, and to give these animals more exposure, North Shore Animal League will show their "pet nursery" on a Ustream feed on Thursdays from 2-5 p.m., beginning on September 1.

Spay/USA has over 2,000 participating clinics nationwide, with around 5,000 veterinarians. With 28 state programs that provide low-cost (or even free) services, Spay/USA makes it pretty clear where to go for these life-saving services. North Shore Animal League also provides a toll-free referral service at 1-800-248-SPAY, available Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Don't hesitate to call! Your pet will thank you, and you'll feel good about doing the right thing.

Alexandra Beane | Facebook | Twitter Alexandra is highly passionate about animals and animal rights, and wants to raise awareness of the cruelty that many animals suffer in the best way she knows how, and this is by written word. She is a recent graduate of Metropolitan State University in Minnesota, with a degree in Professional Writing and a minor in Creative Writing.

Photo credit: JohnnyBerg