29 August 2011

Vegan Emily Deschanel signs on as national spokesperson for 'Walk for Farm Animals'

Though there are many talented, outspoken, compassionate voices speaking out about animal rights every day, Emily Deschanel has sort of become America's vegan sweetheart. So it's a no-brainer that the "Bones" star has signed on as the national spokesperson for Farm Sanctuary’s Walk for Farm Animals, a series of community-focused events with a simple message about personal solutions to cruelty to animals being held in more than 35 North American cities and virtually this fall.

The very pregnant Deschanel noted recently that although she would love to take in a pet, the demands of her acting career and her soon-to-be second job of motherhood don't exactly leave enough space to devote to caring for another being.

"I don't want to take an animal in and just have them sit at home while I'm at work," she said.

Instead, the actress has adopted animals at Farm Sanctuary, which has rescued and provided sanctuary for abused farm animals, educated the public about their plight, and advocated on their behalf for the past 25 years.

“Farm animals are just as interesting and intelligent as the dogs and cats who we know a bit better,” Deschanel said. “Yet they are treated by the meat industry as though they are inanimate objects with no feelings or personalities.”

Deschanel is openly passionate about the cause, and she hopes to instill in her child the same love and respect for all animals that she's had her entire life.

 "I would love animals to be a part of his or her life, and to be part of our family," she said.

The upcoming Farm Sanctuary walks provide the perfect opportunity for the community to learn more about the horrors of factory farming, and Deschanel, who filmed an exclusive video for the Walk on the set of “Bones," seems to be doing as much as she can to help get the word out about the issue.

“When you walk, you give hope to billions of animals who are suffering right now on factory farms,” she said. “Please join me in supporting this important effort by registering to participate in a Walk For Farm Animals near you at WalkForFarmAnimals.org.”

Stephanie DeBalko | @_stephanied_
Stephanie is a freelance writer who loves shelter dogs and Vegenaise. She recently came to the conclusion that the written word could be an amazing ally for all animals, and is choosing to use her nerdy love of grammar and punctuation for the greater good of animal welfare. She can also be found at I Hope Vodka Is Vegan.

Photo credit:cc:flickr.com/photos/watchwithkristin