25 August 2011

Lily Tomlin joins IDA in effort to stop construction of Maine elephant facility

Comedienne and actress Lily Tomlin has joined the effort to stop a Maine town from opening a sanctuary that will house an Asian circus elephant named Rosie.

According to the animal advocacy group In Defense of Animals, the proposed facility in Hope, Maine, will be anything but a refuge for the animal.

The proposed facility, which will masquerade as an elephant “sanctuary,” will bring an elephant named Rosie from a circus-related facility where she is not performing to live by herself in a tiny enclosure and weather conditions that will force her to spend most of the year indoors.

Officials in Hope have already approved construction of the facility, but obstacles at the state and federal level will enable those who oppose the project an opportunity to plead their case.

Cue pen and paper (or the modern version keyboard and fingers).

In a letter composed by Tomlin to Maine Governor Paul LePage, the veteran performer concludes:

I know that you and the caring people of Maine would not want Rosie to needlessly suffer. And there is nothing educational about seeing an elephant alone and miserable, incessantly swaying from side to side. So please do all that you can to assure that Rosie is not brought to Maine and instead support sending her to a proper sanctuary.

If you too want to help out Rosie and join Lily Tomlin and IDA in their efforts to stop the construction of the Hope, Maine, elephant facility click here.

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