18 August 2011

Blogger hits the road in quest to eat at every 100 percent vegan restaurant in the US

Blogger Kristin Lajeunesse won't be throwing a dinner party to celebrate her 5-year anniversary as a vegan on August 27th. She'll be starting out on a journey around the United States with the purpose of eating at every 100-percent vegan restaurant in the country. Along the way, she plans to write reviews, interview restaurant owners, and “accomplish a lifestyle of self-discovery and nonconformity.”

Kristin became vegetarian with her entire family in 1999, when she was sixteen. Five years ago, she decided to follow her parents’ example and switch to a vegan lifestyle. The decisive moment for her was a talk by registered dietitian George Eisman. Kristin explained to me, “I listened to George Eisman about why dairy isn't necessary and how harmful it is for our bodies and for the animals. That was a turning point for me. After listening to him and with the ever-supportive influence of my parents, there was no question it was the right thing to do. And I haven't looked back.”

Kristin’s plan is to couch surf around the country rather than stay in hotels, but the cost of gas and food for the year-long trip still comes to an estimated $10,000. So far, she’s received a few independent donations, a video camera, and a couple of T-shirts from Sick on Sin. She’s decided to use Kickstarter, a fundraising platform for creative projects, to raise the rest of the money she needs, and will launch that effort in the next few days. “I am so grateful to those who have donated or supported the trip already, in some way,” Kristin told me.

Kristin keeps a “Before I Die,” (BID) list of things she intends to accomplish in her life. “Take a road trip around the US” and “Eat at all the vegan restaurants in the US” are the top two items on that BID list, and if all goes according to plan, she’s about to check them off.

Visit Kristin’s website, Will Travel for Vegan Food (which is hilariously abbreviated to WTF Vegan Food), to donate funds, a couch for her to sleep on when she’s in your area (I’ve got her covered in Santa Barbara!), or whatever else you want.

Meghan Joyce | Facebook
Meghan has been a vegan for a few months and blogs about it at MeghanTheVeghan.blogspot.com. She's a PhD student in musicology, an opera singer, and a yoga enthusiast who loves eating and loves the world.

Photo credit: Facebook