18 August 2011

Deep fryer meet cheeseburger: National Hamburger Festival adds to the madness

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that an event that features a bobbing for burgers contest—think kiddie pool filled with ketchup and burgers—and fare that includes oddities like cheeseburger soup would also join in on the deep fryer mania that is sweeping our clogged artery filled nation.

The National Hamburger Festival in Akron, Ohio, will introduce the world to the deep fried cheeseburger this weekend (Aug 20-21). Because fried Kool-Aid is so last June.

According to a release from the city of Akron, they must be beaming with pride, America’s first deep fried cheeseburger “is a slider-sized hand pressed patty topped with Yancey’s Fancy cheddar cheese and surrounded by a bun. It is then dipped and deep fried in a special batter recipe.”

Considering this greasy bad boy contains batter, cheese, meat, bread and oil, it appears to hit every major American festival food group. Well except chocolate and Twinkie goop.

As far as nutritional facts, we’ll just have to guess.

Keep in mind this is just an estimate, but the fried cheeseburger most likely has an ungodly amount of saturated fat, more sodium than a Lake Erie salt mine, a heart stopping cholesterol count and enough calories to sustain you for about a week. Again that was an approximation only.

Well if for some reason your interest is still piqued or you already had plans to attend the celebration of dead cow flesh please read the following before attending.

Bon appetite!

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