Babycakes vegan bakery to open second location in Los Angeles

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Vegans who have an affinity for all things sweet and delicious—and plant-based—who happen to live in or near Los Angeles prepare to rejoice.

Babycakes, the award-winning New York City-based vegan bakery, is about to double the fun for L.A. residents by expanding from one location to two.

Babycakes owner Erin McKenna made the announcement on the company’s website:

“We've just signed a lease at 236 North Larchmont, formerly the Pinkberry, and we are so pumped!”

According to Eater LA, the new shop will mainly focus on donuts but McKenna added that the location will also feature cupcakes.

And if all things go to plan the new Babycakes location should be open by the end of this December.

Anyone else hungry?

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