09 August 2011

New low for J-Lo: Jennifer Lopez glams it up (again!) in dead animal pelts

The September issue of Vanity Fair magazine features a photo shoot of Jennifer Lopez wearing nothing but a come-hither look, strappy gold stillettos. . . and a white fox fur coat.

Lopez can’t plead ignorance when it comes to the cruelties involved with the fur trade. Back in 2005 animal rights activists staged highly public protests of the actress/singer’s fur-wearing ways. And PETA has long waged a campaign to educate Lopez about the inhumane nature of the fur “industry.”

Not that it’s done any good. Lopez evidently remains one of fur’s biggest fans. Many of her music videos show her draped in it, her Sweetface fashion line is rife with fur attire, and she’s even been known to wear false eyelashes made out of red fox fur. This latest photo shoot is not an aberration, but part of a clear pattern of Lopez's ongoing fur fanaticism.

How many animals have suffered and been killed to satify J-Lo’s lust for fur? While I don't have data on the exact number of fur garments Lopez owns, has worn, or has sold, the Fur Free Alliance reports that between 15-20 foxes have to die to make just one fox fur coat. According to the Humane Society of the United States, the "pitiless fur industry mistreats and kills more than 50 million animals a year. With many warm, chic alternatives available, there’s no reason to wear animal fur."

Vegan activist Andrew Kirschner, who is running in the 2012 race for U.S. House of Representatives in Florida, is calling for a boycott of “all Lopez products in response to her callous disregard for animals.” If you agree that foxes, minks, chinchillas, and other animals deserve to keep the fur they were born with, Kirschner also suggests phoning Lopez’s production company at 310-943-6600 to express your opposition to her continuing love affair with fur. Let J-Lo know that true beauty comes from within, not from draping yourself in the furry skins of dead animals.

Elizabeth Gordon | Facebook
Elizabeth is an Asian-Appalachian writer, activist, and college professor living in north central Massachusetts. Once an avowed carnivore, she was a vegetarian for 15 years before making the conversion to veganism. She is passionate about trying to live a life that lessens, rather than contributes to, the amount of cruelty and suffering in this world. Follow Elizabeth on her Vegosphere blog and Facebook page.

Photo credit:cc:flickr.com/photos/billyboysfotocolection