04 August 2011

New portal featuring vegan and animal welfare news launches

At This Dish Is Veg, it is our goal to provide readers with the latest news and opinion pieces within our industry. However, we realize that there are only so many hours in the day, and we are letting some awesome stories slip through the online cracks. Rather than fall into the traditional “us versus them” mentality, we are aware that there are other fabulous websites out there that cater to the same readers as we do.

Enter No Meat Zone.

No Meat Zone will feature links to stories we think you want to read. Think of it as a portal, your one-stop-shop to peruse through the latest headlines within the vegan / vegetarian / animal welfare world. We will pull articles from our niched partners in crime around the Web in addition to stories from organizations and mainstream media.

Readers should check the site regularly throughout the day, because as soon as we see the news, a link and quip will be added to the list. We welcome you to join the Facebook page where you can post links to articles you want to share, as well as make comments on other article links.

So, in addition to checking This Dish Is Veg daily, we hope you will also bookmark No Meat Zone and help spread the word about the subjects that are so important to all of us.

No Meat Zone
No Meat Zone Facebook

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Daelyn is the co-founder and managing director of the animal rights and eco-friendly news source, This Dish Is Veg. In addition to her work at TDIV, Daelyn homeschools her three daughters.

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