03 August 2011

Create compost for your garden with a composting toilet

If you love to garden and are looking for a way to efficiently create your own compost, then look no further than your toilet.

Yes you can now purchase your own composting toilet. If you think this sounds a little strange, have a closer look. This toilet is completely free of plumbing and running water. Not only does it create compost, it will save you money in the long run and help the environment as well.

How does it work? The toilet features a bio-drum, where the waste is combined with a mixture of peat moss and hemp stalk bulking material. The drum is mixed with a rotating lever every two to three days. Once the drum is two thirds full, some compost needs to be released into a drawer underneath by simply releasing a lock on the drum. The mixture will sit in the drawer for four weeks until it can be removed and used in your garden. The compost is similar to store bought versions and can be handled with your hands. It will be clean and dry as there is an evaporating tray that rids of excess liquid.

The toilet features a tube on the back that acts as a vent with a vacuum effect keeping the composting toilet odorless. Another benefit of the composting toilet? No pollution, unlike methane that is created in a porta-potty.

If you are interested in one of these septic-free, composting commodes, make sure to abide all building codes in your area and be prepared to spend a few bucks. These self sufficient toilets average around $1,500.

Laeticia Butler | @Vegwritingmomma
After suffering with health issues for two years, Laeticia became a vegan and was able to go from barely walking to running 5Ks. During her life change she developed a newfound love and respect for animals and works hard to teach her son why we don't eat them. Follow Laeticia on her blog and Facebook.

Photo credit: The Composting Toilet Store