18 July 2011

TDIV Q&A: So many animals need assistance, what can I do to help?

What can I do to help animals?

There are many different ways you can help animals in your everyday life! Here are seven!

1.) Go veg!
A vegetarian diet saves about 50 lives a year and a vegan diet saves about twice as many. With more vegetarian and vegan options popping up in restaurants and grocery stores, it is easier to be veg now than ever before. Saying no to wool, leather, silk, feathers, and other animal-derived products used for clothing and beauty products also saves lives.

2.) Adopt a shelter animal.
There are many animals in shelters that need loving homes. They all have heart-breaking stories and many will end up euthanized because shelters fill up quickly.

3.) Foster shelter animals.
If you cannot commit to adopting, you can foster animals instead until they get forever homes. This helps shelters save space and it is also a very rewarding experience.

4.) Spay and Neuter.
Spaying and neutering pets (especially those that go outside) will help keep the population of unwanted pets down, which in turn, helps shelters.

5.) Volunteer.
If you are unable to have animals in your home, you can always volunteer with an animal rights organization, a shelter, a rescue, a sanctuary, or any local organization that helps animals. Volunteering looks great on résumés, it helps you meet likeminded people, it is fun, and if you choose to volunteer at a shelter or a sanctuary, you get to help animals directly.

6.) Spread Information.
Informing the masses is one of the most important things a person can do, even if it is just planting a seed in someone’s mind that factory farming is horrible. That one seed can grow into a tree and spread even more seeds. You can spread information just by posting news articles you have found on your Facebook page or telling your extended family why you are vegan at a family gathering. If you want to do something on a larger scale, you can hold local events.

7.) Donate.
Helping a shelter or an organization out financially helps them get the supplies they need for helping animals- whether it is for spreading information (website hosting, event-planning, etc.) or feeding animals. Many shelters accept donations of supplies, too. Sometimes, they will have a list of what they need on their website or you can call them and ask.

Kristen McFarland | @MohawkedMaven
Kristen, a vegan from Cincinnati, Ohio, is passionate about animal rights and film. She has a degree in electronic media and spends her time working as a sideshow performer and a photographer. Follow Kristen on Facebook.

Photo credit:cc:flickr.com/photos/opensourceway