19 July 2011

California company produces fruit bars made from...fruit

Superfruit Nutrition, a company founded in 2010, has begun selling three different all-fruit bars made from only two ingredients: a fruit and another fruit. That's it. fruit bars contain no preservatives, genetically-modified ingredients, added sugar, or nuts, and they are certified kosher, vegan, gluten-free, diabetic-friendly, high in fiber, low-calorie, and fat-free.

The bars contain many important vitamins and minerals, and only 100 calories. The three varieties are Apples & Cherries, Apples & Pears, and Apples & Apricots. The bars are great as a snack or a small, healthy dessert.

"That's it. fruit bars stemmed from the notion that nature knows best," said Superfruit Nutrition co-founder Dr. Lior Lewensztain. "As a medical doctor and a parent, I sought to create an all-natural grab-and-go product that could help busy families hit the mark on nutrition and convenience without sacrificing great taste. This prompted us to develop a fruit bar that has only two ingredients in every bar."

That's it. fruit bars will soon be available in stores nationwide, but for the moment they can be purchased on Amazon.com and on the manufacturer's website. 

For more information about Superfruit, check out their website at www.thatsitfruit.com.

Geanna Marek | @greenvegnliving
Geanna has been a vegan for over 3 years. She lives in the very veg-friendly city of Portland, Oregon, where she works as a freelance writer and library assistant. She is also currently training to run the Portland Marathon this fall. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time outdoors, reading, eating, and traveling. Find Geanna at greenveganliving.com.

Photo credit: Thats it