27 July 2011

Over half of AAA survey respondents admit to petting their dog while driving

We can now officially add a new group of distractions that keep drivers from focusing 100 percent of their attention on the road, and the culprits are cute, four legged and furry.

According to a survey conducted by AAA and pet products manufacturer Kurgo, 56 percent of respondents said they have driven with their dog at least once a month in the last year and 52 percent admit to petting Fido while driving.

Additionally 23% said they have used their arms or hands to hold their precious cargo in place while applying the brakes.

But the aforementioned disruptions seem like a walk in the park compared to the following highway to the danger zone antics.

Eighteen percent of drivers admitted to reaching into the back seat to interact with their dog, 17 percent allow Fifi to sit on their laps, 13 percent dole out treats, and 3 percent have snapped off a photo of their pooch while driving. And I thought texting while driving was bad.

Apparently the point of the survey was to show the importance of pet restraint systems. Not only to protect your dog but to assist you in your efforts in keeping your attention on the road. Needless to say point taken.

"Drivers should use a pet restraint system for your dog every time their pet is in the vehicle," said Beth Mosher, director of public affairs for AAA Chicago. "A restraint will not only limit distractions, but also protect you, your pet and other passengers in the event of a crash or sudden stop."

Check out Kurgo's selection of pet restraint products and please keep your eyes on the road.

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