26 July 2011

The Vegan Vine introduces new wines and educates consumers

The California Family-owned and Certified Sustainable Clos LaChance Winery has announced a new line of vegan wines, called The Vegan Vine.

Co-founder Cheryl Durzy states "Because the core ingredient in wine is grapes, many people do not realize that a number of animal products are often used in the winemaking process. We hope that the Vegan Vine can answer some of these questions and provide a viable option for vegans and non-vegans alike."

The filtration and purification processes for alcoholic beverages can entail the use of a lot of gross animal ingredients, which do not have to be labeled (remember Barnivore) because they are not technically an ‘ingredient’ in the final product.

The Vegan Vine is now offering their award-winning “The Vegan Vine Cabernet Sauvignon” ($14.99); “The Vegan Vine Sauvignon Blanc” ($9.99); and “The Vegan Vine Red Wine” ($11.99). Each bottle of Vegan Vine wine comes with an educational brochure, which notes the animal products used in winemaking.

I have previously written an article on the animal products that are used in the fining process, which includes isinglass (from sturgeon fish bladders). The Vegan Vine instead uses Bentonite Clay, for protein and heat stability.

To find your local carrier of The Vegan Vine, visit their website, or call 1-800-ITS-WINE to purchase directly.

Kelly Beth | @veganbotanicals
Kelly Beth is a smiley vegan herbalist and wanderer, and currently resides in Boulder, Colorado with her fiancé and kitty (kitty face). She created twig & leaf botanicals, a vegan & organic herbal apothecary 3 years ago to bring healthy, plant-based alternatives to mainstream medicine and home care. Follow Kelly Beth on her blog and Facebook.

Photo credit: Vegan Vine