Los Angeles based dessert shop wins PETA’s best vegan ice cream award

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Want more proof that going vegan doesn’t mean sacrificing taste? Look no further than the winner of PETA’s best vegan frozen dessert in America contest, KindKreme.

The Los Angeles-based gourmet dessert shop took home the top honor with its indulgent yet still cruelty free Brownie Sundae— a raw or vegan brownie with two or three scoops of Icekreme topped with raw chocolate or caramel syrup and a dry topping of your choice.

"KindKreme proves every day that you don't have to use unhealthy and cruelly produced dairy products to create decadently delicious frozen desserts," says PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. "The only things missing in vegan ice cream are the artery-clogging cholesterol and animal suffering that go into every scoop of ice cream made from cow's milk."

KindKreme’s Brownie Sundae beat out five other finalists including the first runner-up Tsoynami from Green New American Vegetarian in Tempe, Ariz. and third place finisher “the classic banana split” from New York City's Lula's Sweet Apothecary.

The strawberry shortcake from Karma Cream in Gainesville, Fla.; the nondairy milkshakes from the Chicago Diner in Chicago; and all varieties of vegan fro-yo from The Skinny Dip in Hampton Roads, Va., rounded out the remaining sweet six.

Congratulations go out to all of the finalists!

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Photo credit: PETA

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