19 July 2011

New report claims cutting cow’s milk may reduce risk of type 1 diabetes

A new report released in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition adds yet another reason to avoid ingesting a fluid meant for calves.

According to PCRM initial findings of a recent study reveals that removing cow’s milk from an infant’s diet may reduce the risk of developing Type 1 diabetes.

In the Trial to Reduce Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus in the Genetically at Risk (TRIGR) study, women were encouraged to breastfeed. Those who then transitioned their infants to baby formula were given a specially prepared formula in which proteins were broken up so that no intact cow’s milk proteins remained. The full study results are not yet in. However, the TRIGR pilot study, including 230 infants followed until about 10 years of age, showed that those who followed the special feeding plan were 60 percent less likely to develop type 1 diabetes, compared with children who drank regular cow’s milk formula during infancy. The study adds more support to the long-held theory that cow’s milk proteins trigger the production of antibodies that can destroy a child’s insulin-producing cells.
Astounding that drinking another mammal’s milk might be harmful to human health. But hey at least milk apparently does reduce the symptoms of PMS.

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