14 July 2011

Vegan food truck competes on Food Network series

Season two of the Food Network series The Great Food Truck Race will not only feature high stakes action with a $100,000 grand prize up for grabs, but this year the competition will add a little plant-based pizzazz to the mix.

Seabirds, a vegan food truck based out of Costa Mesa, Calif., goes head to head with 7 other food trucks from around the nation, including a grilled cheese outfit from Boston and a crew from San Diego that serves up food that is Devilicious—for example the BBBLT which consists of “Tons O’ Bacon with a Fried Egg on Top.”

The show, hosted by Tyler Florence, premieres August 14 at 10pm ET/PT with an episode featuring a lobster challenge.

It will be interesting to see how PETA’s fourth ranked food truck, which has a menu consisting of cruelty-free favorites like the Wild Arugala & Pear Salad and Beer Battered Avocado Tacos, handles that fishy dilemma.

And it makes one wonder what other challenges Seabirds will face this year on The Great Food Truck Race, well thanks to Food Network here’s a little teaser.

In the season premiere, Tyler greets all of the teams at the picturesque Malibu Pier and sends them on their first Truck Stop Challenge: to create an inventive dish with one lobster and all the farmer’s table ingredients they can hold. After award-winning chef and food truck operator Susan Feniger chooses the winner, the trucks head to Las Vegas and are confronted with their first Speed Bump – Tyler spins a large wheel containing numerous food truck problems and lands on ‘out of propane,’ so the teams must proceed without use of this necessary fuel. At the end of two days in Vegas, the team that sells the least is sent on the road home. The cross-country route then takes the teams to Salt Lake City; Denver; Manhattan, Kan.; Memphis and Atlanta where the competition intensifies with more grueling challenges – leading up to the final battle between the two top trucks in sun-splashed Miami.
With Mr. Florence playing the master of fate with a large spinning wheel, who knows what other wild adventures await the contestants this season.

TDIV wishes Seabirds the best of luck, and if you ever pull into our neck of the woods we'll take a round of Beer Battered Avocado Tacos and some Sweet Potato Fries.

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Photo credit: http://seabirdstruck.com/