12 July 2011

Al Gore to take part in ‘24-Hours of Reality’ climate crisis event

Former Vice President Al Gore will be joining celebrities, scientists, business leaders and concerned citizens from around the globe for a 24 hour event designed to bring more attention to climate change.

The “24 Hours of Reality,” produced by Gore’s non-profit The Climate Reality Project, will stream live September 14-15 and will feature participants discussing how climate change is affecting their everyday lives along with a plea for people, no matter what their ideology, to mobilize for a solution.

"The climate crisis knows no political boundaries," said Vice President Gore. "Ferocious storms and deadly heat waves are occurring with alarming frequency all over the world. We are living with the reality of the climate crisis every day. The only question is, how soon can we act?"

According to the organization, Gore has created a new multimedia presentation for the event that will make a “connection between extreme weather events and the climate crisis.”

And if you are a climate change denier, plan on getting a huge dose of reality—like you couldn’t see that one coming.

"Fossil fuel companies and their allies will go to great lengths to deny the fact that climate change is happening now," said Maggie L. Fox, President and CEO of The Climate Reality Project. "But we have one powerful response: Reality. We will dedicate our resources toward educating and engaging the public about the reality of the climate crisis and helping build the global movement for change."

For more information on the event click here.

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Photo credit:cc:flickr.com/photos/americanprogressaction