07 July 2011

British singer Adele 'Whenever I’m about to eat meat I see my dog’s eyes'

Thankfully, more and more celebrities (you know, the people who have the ability to influence tens of thousands of other people) are making the choice to go vegetarian or vegan. One such individual is the 23-year-old British songbird, Adele, who you may know from the song that seems to be in constant rotation on every radio station in the country, "Rolling in the Deep."

Though she's trying out vegetarianism, Adele has expressed an intense aversion to tofu (insert collective groan here).

“I need to start being really healthy ... I hate that tofu stuff though-rank!” she said recently, showing that someone needs to get this girl some seitan, stat.

Hopefully, though, her apparent understanding of the similarities between the animals used for meat and the ones we share our couches with will deter her from giving up on the veg lifestyle.

“Whenever I’m about to eat meat I see my dog’s eyes,” she said.

Bet that tofu is looking better and better.

Stephanie DeBalko | @_stephanied_
Stephanie is a freelance writer who loves shelter dogs and Vegenaise. She recently came to the conclusion that the written word could be an amazing ally for all animals, and is choosing to use her nerdy love of grammar and punctuation for the greater good of animal welfare. She can also be found at Homespun by Stephanie.

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