27 June 2011

Vegan Beauty And Skin Products: Review of Gia Skincare

In my ongoing quest for the best vegan beauty and skin products, a skin care professional recommended Gia Skincare. In the name of research, Gia sent some products over so I could give you all the skinny. Here you have it.

What I love the most about these products is that they are simple, yet effective. No hype or overwhelming color and fragrances to detract from whether or not the product actually works, just the pure, unadulterated results. And because Gia has over 25 years experience in the skincare business, I knew my face was in good hands. Here's what Gia had to say about her line,

Working as an Aesthetician (Licensed Skin Specialist), I would create special recipes for my clients using essential oils, herbs, fruits and anything plant based that I would first try on myself and then give it the “G stamp of approval.”
I wanted to create a professional skin care line by using “proven ingredients” that would also give that “spa sense” feeling at home or having a facial treatment in a spa. So I did!
Gia Skincare Products invests in quality ingredients and affordability, not needless packaging that can harm the environment. All of our products are recyclable and never tested on animals.
I am absolutely passionate about developing skincare products that are highly recommended and used in practice by licensed skin professionals. I am proud to offer you the Gia Skincare line of quality products. 

The product that stood out the most for me was her moisturizer, aptly named G's Favorite. Check out her product description:

Reverse the signs of aging, dehydration and imparied elasticity. G's Favorite moisturizing treatment stimulates cell circulation to remove toxins as it melts away fat and inhibits the formation of fat deposits in the neck and d├ęcolletage area. Skin is left smoother and more toned.
Now, I have used some of the most expensive and therefore extremely hyped moisturizers on the market, and this one beat them all - hands down. It left my skin feeling super supple and hydrated but not oily, and I honestly feel like it helped improve the overall texture and quality of my skin as well. I tend to have very dry skin, so this moisturizer just answered all my prayers. It left my skin feeling so smooth and silky, and I randomly discovered during my trial period that I no longer needed to use a makeup primer, like I've done for years before, when using this product. And with its affordable price point, you can't go wrong. Score!
I also loved the Cool As a Cucumber eye cream. I have an extremely busy schedule and go to bed between 2 and 3 am every night, and wake up early the next day. It may come as shocking news, but if you want to be a successful actress in LA, you have to do more than hang out at Chateau Marmont and have lunch with friends all day. So I don't sleep, but nonetheless I always have to look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and this eye cream made that happen! The eye cream has this awesome cooling effect, almost like it's naturally chilled and you can feel it working right away. I loved it. Because my job is acting, this cream made it much easier for me to act like I had gotten those 8 luxurious hours of sleep. Hallelujah!
Next up was the Strawberry Skin Polish. I love exfoliating. I'm a simple girl (uhh...not really) but I normally just add baking soda to my facewash to exfoliate, which is very old school and may be too harsh for most people. Gia's Strawberry Skin Polish is a fantastic option for those people. It left my skin feeling exfoliated but moisturized at the same time, which I loved. And it smelled really really delish! Bonus points!
But perhaps most important, we have the Clean Face cleanser. It definitely lives up to its name, as this is a no frills cleanser that leaves your skin clean and fresh. No added fragrances or colors, it won't dry you out and yet does its job, and does it well. Remember to start with a makeup free face with this one. I know that means you have to pre wash your face, but stop being lazy because trust me, it's totally worth it. Recommended for all skin types.
Lastly, I love the Spa Fresh toner! It doesn't just cleanse the skin, it also helps balance the natural PH levels in your skin. I also love products that infuse the skin with vitamins and minerals, and this product does just that as it is made from a blend of 11 different herbs. It left my skin feeling clean, but not tight or dry. Score again!
Would I recommend this line? A loud, resounding YES! Check out her website here, and buy online. Happy shopping!

Hayley Marie Norman | @xoHayleyMarie
Hayley Marie, a vegan, is a Los Angeles based actress that has appeared in numerous films including Hancock and Fired Up, as well as several tv shows such as Crash, CSI:NY, and CSI:Miami. She is also known as being the girl with the wild crazy afro, aka #25, on Deal or No Deal. For more information about Hayley Marie check out her blog.

Photo credit: Gia Skincare