20 June 2011

Five websites that provide news on animal welfare, vegetarianism and the environment

If you're looking for credible websites which focus on the latest news regarding animal welfare, vegetarianism, and the environment, you've already found one such website here at TDIV! But, if you're looking for additional resources, the following five websites may be useful.

1. Grist provides news mostly relating to the environment. Grist columnist Tom Philpott is one of my favorite writers on the website and tends to cover a wide variety of subjects including the health effects of food, factory farming, and genetically-modified foods.

2. The European Vegetarian and Animal News Alliance (EVANA) is perhaps lesser-known in the United States, but is nonetheless an effective source for news relating to animal welfare and vegetarianism. EVANA briefly summarizes stories from around the world before publishing articles with a link to more information, effectively drawing attention to news which would otherwise receive minimal press coverage.

3. Food Consumer doesn't put much emphasis on animal welfare or the environment; however, this website does regularly cover various studies regarding vegetarianism. 

4. Change.org is, according to the description on their website, "an online activism platform for social change that raises awareness about important causes and connects people to opportunities for powerful action." Change.org puts the focus on a wide variety of subjects, but has a specific section of their website dedicated to animal welfare-related news.

Some articles worth checking out:

"FDA Reveals How Many Antibiotics Factory Farms Really Use"

"Boulder Residents Condemn Inhumane "Rodenator" Explosive Device"

"Victory! Unilever Commits to Ending Animal Experimentation for Tea"

5. Science Daily publishes the newest scientific studies. While the website is geared towards a wide variety of subjects in the broad field of science, there are specific sections dedicated to covering vegetarianism and the environment.

Some articles worth checking out:

"Foundations of Empathy in Chickens? Avian Maternal Response to Chick Distress Studied"

"Conflicted Meat-Eaters May Deny That Meat-Animals Have the Capacity to Suffer, Study Finds"

"Broccoli Component Limits Breast Cancer Stem Cells, Study Finds"

"Evidence Points To Conscious 'Metacognition' In Some Nonhuman Animals"

Jonathan Reynolds
Jonathan is a freelance writer and blogger residing in upstate New York.

Photo credit:cc:flickr.com/photos/derekgavey