27 June 2011

Celebrity Steve-O blogs about his vegan lifestyle

Let me start off by saying that I don’t know much of anything about this man, except that he often does pain-inflicting stunts and has made a movie (movies?) about it. I’ve never seen them, and I don’t care to.

What I do care about is how the majority of comments on Steve-O’s blog post were completely in support of his vegan lifestyle. There are the celebrities that claim to be vegan, maybe because it helps shroud them in mystery, but then they eat cheese off party trays, or drink milk and eat eggs when they’re pregnant. That’s not vegan. They are eating a more vegan lifestyle for the health benefits, not for their belief in a more compassionate world.

In his blog post dated June 18th, 2011 Steve-O says “I made a deliberate effort to do just that and arrived at the conclusion that I'm simply happier as a result of practicing more compassion in my lifestyle.”

Besides the obvious health benefits of going vegan, newbie vegans end up learning about the heartbreak that is the food industry, with more and more horrific videos surfacing on factory farming, people just don’t want to support that.

Learning about factory farming is the first step, then comes the assessment of your belongings, what it means to have those leather shoes, your feather pillow, or silk tie. Veganism goes deeper than just being healthy.

I’m so glad that the younger pop-culture kids are being exposed to this cruelty more so now than ever before. It’s a step in the right direction, and yes, having celebrities on our side helps.

Kelly Beth | @veganbotanicals
Kelly Beth is a smiley vegan herbalist and wanderer, and currently resides in Boulder, Colorado with her fiancé and kitty (kitty face). She created twig & leaf botanicals, a vegan & organic herbal apothecary 3 years ago to bring healthy, plant-based alternatives to mainstream medicine and home care. Follow Kelly Beth on her blog and Facebook.

Photo credit:cc:flickr.com/photos/freschwill