21 June 2011

HSUS rescues 300 dogs from North Carolina puppy mill

Around 300 incredibly unhealthy dogs were found in a Hudson, North Carolina Puppy Mill after the Humane Society of the United States' (HSUS) Animal Rescue Team was called to investigate. The dogs lacked proper medical care, and they sat in filthy cages that they could barely stand or move around in, surrounded by feces.

Unfortunately, several of the dogs did not survive the harsh living conditions, as they were found dead on the property. Other dogs suffered severe matting as well as other medical problems.

The mill owner was selling small breeds, mainly Pomeranians, to buyers over the Internet. The buyers were unaware of the harsh conditions the puppies were living in, so it's always much wiser to purchase animals from animal shelters or trusted breeders. Dogs purchased from pet stores or online sellers are often from puppy mills, and the more money they make, the more likely it is that puppy mills will stay in business.

Thankfully, the owner surrendered the dogs to the Caldwell County Animal Control, and the HSUS was able to save these helpless puppies and bring them to proper care at a nearby emergency shelter. The dogs will receive a complete medical examination as well any needed medical treatments.

Alexandra Hedin | Facebook | @Alexandra_Hedin
Alexandra is highly passionate about animals and animal rights, and wants to raise awareness of the cruelty that many animals suffer in the best way she knows how, and this is by written word. She is a recent graduate of Metropolitan State University in Minnesota, with a degree in Professional Writing and a minor in Creative Writing.

Photo credit: HSUS