16 June 2011

Denver-based Wild Animal Sanctuary doubles in size thanks to land donation

Wild Animal Sanctuary in Denver, Colorado, had 400 reasons to celebrate recently. A very generous benefactor added 400 acres to the facility, bringing its total acreage to 720 acres. Thanks to this donation, the facility is now the largest free-roaming carnivore sanctuary in the western hemisphere!

The purchase and donation of this property was inspired by Wild Animal Sanctuary's "Wild Open Spaces" campaign. The powerful campaign aims to gain support in providing natural habitats to large carnivores such as tigers, bears, wolves and bears, who have been rescued from cruel, abusive and illegal conditions. The facility provides the space for these animals to run and play with others in their species.

The deal's importance was emphasized by Wild Animal Sanctuary Executive Director Pat Craig who said, "Adding more acreage for habitats and natural buffers is critical to our overall mission. It's the key element enabling us to provide unprecedented freedom and quality of life to the animals we rescue. We are extremely grateful to have received such an amazing and openly generous gift, and we look forward to being able to utilize the land so more rehabilitated lions, tigers & bears can enjoy the freedom they deserve!"

The sanctuary is presently comprised of 20 large acreage habitats and plans are to use the additional land for current residents along with future rescues. At the moment there are 290 lions, tigers, bears, wolves and other large carnivores residing at the facility who receive lifelong care from the non-profit organization. Also, the sanctuary is open to the public for educational purposes with a unique network of walkways and observation decks, allowing visitors to view the animals in a natural habitat setting.

The Wild Animal Sanctuary is a valuable organization that has accomplished much for animal welfare since 1980; if you would like to support their efforts click here.

Tanya Ayala | @tanya_lua
Tanya is a full-time student at Concordia University, pursuing a BA in Political Science & Professional Writing. She was initially inspired to become vegetarian because of the health benefits, but after watching Food, Inc. and Earthlings, and reading Eating Animals, she realized that her lifestyle had the potential of improving the environment and animal rights.  Follow Tanya on Twitter and on Tumblr.

Photo credit: PR Newswire