16 June 2011

Country star Carrie Underwood takes the vegan plunge

Country music superstar Carrie Underwood is no longer vegetarian, the former American Idol champion made the announcement on the Australian morning program The Circle. But unlike recent news involving plant-based eaters falling off the wagon, this transition is actually a positive one.

On the show, Underwood was asked about her recent decision to enter the world of veganism—yes technically still a type of vegetarian. That’s right the Grammy Award-winning performer has added dairy to her no list.

“Recently I made the switch to vegan because I am actually kind of lactose intolerant,” explained Underwood.

Hey we’ll take you anyway we can get you, lactose intolerant or otherwise.

And even though her decision to become vegan is a recent one, Underwood's journey into compassionate eating began at an early age.

The 27-year-old Oklahoma native first removed red meat from her diet at the age of 13 but felt she couldn’t completely adopt a vegetarian diet until she moved away from her home at 21. Her reason, she believed cutting meat out of her diet while living in “The Sooner State” would be nearly impossible.

Apparently becoming vegan while married to an omnivore isn’t nearly as difficult as maintaining a vegetarian diet in Oklahoma.

Underwood’s hockey playing husband Mike Fisher still likes to eat meat.

According to the country singer, her partner’s heritage has a hand in his need for flesh explaining, “He’s Canadian and they like meat.”

Obviously he hasn’t tried seitan.

Via Vegetarian Star

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