07 June 2011

Australia feels pressure to ban live exports to Indonesia

Australia exports more than 300 million dollars a year in cattle to Indonesia for slaughter. That might change after recent video footage has surfaced showing abuse of cattle at these Indonesian slaughter facilities.

The RSPCA and Animals Australia found that the use of slaughter boxes provided to Indonesia by Meat & Livestock Australia, with the support of the federal government, have been used for the past 10 years.

Cattle are led into the slaughter box one at a time allowing easy access to the lower legs. Once the legs are tied with ropes the door opens while workers pull on the ropes tripping the animal. The workers then cut the throats the of cattle without any stunning procedure. This process has resulted in the slow and violent death of millions of animals for the past ten years. This is a practice which is illegal in Australia and a violation of international animal health guidelines.

Australia’s cattle industry response is to stop shipping animals to all but 25 slaughterhouses—ending their relationship with more than 75 other processors. But many animal rights groups believe this does not go far enough.

If you would like to help or learn more please visit Animals Australia.

Video of Indonesia cattle abuse.

John Himmelberger | @johnhimm
John lives in Maryland where he works as a sales manager. John and his wife Eileen’s pursuit to achieve optimum health combined with a desire to send a strong message to factory farming, inspired them to examine what they put into their bodies. Now a vegan, John has great admiration for groups like Farm Sanctuary and hopes to influence others by sharing his positive experiences. Follow John on his blog and Facebook.

Photo credit: Screen Capture