01 June 2011

Demi Moore calls for an end to elephant abuse in Fulton County circuses

Today, members of the Fulton County Board of Commissioners in Georgia will vote on a proposal that would ban the use of bullhooks to train elephants for circuses in the county.

Bullhooks are heavy rods with a sharp metal hook at the end. They are used to beat elephants bloody in an effort to train them to perform difficult and unnatural tricks.

Yesterday, animal lover Demi Moore sent a letter to the board members asking them to support the proposal.

"Today, elephant sanctuaries and most zoos―including Zoo Atlanta―never use bullhooks or other weapon-like tools to punish elephants,” Moore said in her letter. “I hope you will extend that inherent decency to elephants used in circuses. … The elephants deserve our kindness, respect, and protection."

This is the second time the Board of Commissioners in Fulton County has voted on the proposal to ban the torture devices. In November of 2010 the same proposal was rejected by just one vote.

You can see a picture of the torture device here.

PETA has an automatic email set up to urge the Fulton County Board of Commissioners to support this proposal. Visit now and send your message!

Sara Best | @shbest
Sara was literally born into the animal welfare movement. While growing up, her father worked with various organizations on campaigns from the Canadian seal hunt to the slaughter of dogs in the Philippines to the ivory trade in Africa. Eventually, Sara became involved in animal protection projects herself. Now she is a writer living near Toronto, a mom to two little omnivores and married to one dedicated carnivore. Visit Sara's blog.

Photo credit:cc:flickr.com/photos/shankbone