24 May 2011

Backstreet Boys go vegetarian for their latest tour

The Backstreet Boys want it their way on their current tour, and their way means saying “no way” to meat. The all-grown-up boy band has embraced a vegetarian diet to keep their energy levels up and stay healthy for their upcoming summer tour with New Kids on the Block.

“We’re getting a lot of rest and have switched over to a vegetarian diet. I’m trying to get my brain clear and ready for everything that’s to come,” Nick Carter told Celebuzz.com. “I downloaded a meditation book. I like to relax and meditate. I think they’re important because I have so much going on, and if I don’t find peace within it all, it could be dangerous for your health”

The 53-show tour is sure to be demanding for the older, but apparently wiser, pop heart throbs, who survived on junk food like hamburgers, Sloppy Joes and tacos during their heyday in the 90’s.

Now, with their new veg powered diet, it will be easier for the Boys to run away from all those screaming fans!

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Photo credit:cc:flickr.com/photos/anirudhkoul