23 May 2011

Bob Harper admits to cheating on vegan diet with cheese pizza

Here we go again. Bob Harper, the man who once said of farm animals, “These animals have emotions; they can be afraid; they can be happy,” has now admitted into cheating on his “vegan” diet with cheese pizza. 

That’s right folks, another “vegan” celebrity can’t hack the compassionate lifestyle without—intentionally—horsing down some animal product now and then. And yes, the word “vegan” is in quotes because you can’t call yourself a vegan and, in the next breath say, “I do allow myself to indulge once in a while without beating myself up. The other day I broke down and had some pizza-and it was so good!”

And there’s more.

When asked by Star magazine if he missed meat, Bob Harper replied, “Yeah definitely. Rachel Ray recently asked me if I ever slip up and to be honest yeah I do. Look, nobody is perfect and I definitely have cheated but I don't beat myself up for it. I don't want life to be so regimented. If I want some cheese or something I definitely let myself.”

As I said during Alicia Silverstone’s cheese-noshing admission, these celebrities who choose the “vegan” lifestyle, promote it, and then say, “Yeah I eat cheese when I get a hankering,” hurts the cause. The general public sees that even these “superstars”—who have bank accounts larger than most, have access to all kinds of promotional products, are used as the experts in programs such as PCRM’s Vegan Kickstart, and pose for pictures with the very animals they don’t want YOU to take advantage of—can’t stick to a plant-based diet, and understandably the average Joe thinks that veganism is an impossible proposition.

What a shame. Yes, veganism is a journey and we are all at different points on the road, but it is imperative that, as vegans, we show the world that the lifestyle is not only healthy and compassionate, but also easy. If vegans themselves say it’s not, how do we ever expect mainstream society to take the leap and give veganism a chance?

Daelyn Fortney | @daelyn | email
Daelyn is the co-founder and managing director of the animal rights and eco-friendly news source, This Dish Is Veg. In addition to her work at TDIV, Daelyn homeschools her three daughters.

Photo credit: cc: flickr.com/photos/42454758@N08