21 April 2011

New York City loves hawks: Part 2 Violet and Bobby get their privacy invaded

New York City might be loving their hawks a little too much lately. Down on the lower east side, two red-tailed hawks are having their privacy seriously violated.

Earlier this year a bachelor hawk built a nest on the 12th floor of New York University’s Bobst Library, just outside the window of university president John Sexton's office. The hawk, named Bobby after the library, attracted a mate earlier this month who was named Violet after NYU’s school color. Bobby and Violet shacked up together and now are awaiting the arrival of three little baby birds of prey.

The New York Times installed a camera on the window’s ledge to record the twosome’s every move. The NYT hawk cam is currently streaming live feed that will enable viewers to watch the pair’s three eggs hatch, expected to happen any day now, as well as offer a peak into the daily life of an urban hawk – which it turns out, isn’t exactly the thrill ride one might have expected.

Watch Violet reposition the eggs and Bobby bring rat snacks to the family at: www.livestream.com/nytnestcam. And, of course, Bobby and Violet are on Twitter, since that seems to be a must for all animals in New York City these days. You can follow the feathered pair at @NYURedtailHawks.

Violet and Bobby are a pretty cool pair of hawks and don’t seem to mind having their business broadcast for all to see. It’s a good thing they didn’t build their nest on the law library though.

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Photo credit: video screen capture