08 April 2011

Food for Lovers offers the World's first vegan queso

This is such an amazing time to be vegan! It's become hard to keep up with all the awesome products. Ten years ago, we only had products like soy milk and seitan. Nowadays, its possible to spend an entire afternoon at Whole Foods looking at new and exciting vegan products. And sometimes I do that.

One of my new favorite treats is Food for Lovers vegan queso. It's cheesy, perfectly creamy, spicy, spreadable and delicious. My bottle lasted about three days. I put it on everything!

My favorite was just eating it with tons of fresh veggies.  At 20 calories per serving, it's the perfect healthy snack. Of course, I made nachos a few times, but honestly, if I had a head of cauliflower and a bottle of queso, I'd be ready for some hard-core vegan snacking.

Amanda Rock | @Sunny_Vegan
Amanda is a vegan foodie, feminist, goth at heart, happily married woman and mom to two black cats and one white dog. Visit Amanda's SLC blog.

Photo credit: Food for Lovers