27 April 2011

Catherine's top 50 favorite vegan recipes on the Web

The internet has saved many a vegan cook from dreary days of raw celery and baked oatmeal. The selection of great meatless, dairyless, and eggless recipes is endless and overwhelming. It is great when you are given a fool-proof list to get you started and that is what I will try to do!

Good Morning Chow!
1. Green Smoothie
Everyone has a go to green smoothie recipe but this one has white beans... even better!

2. Voluminous Oatmeal
Seems like a delicious, happy accident. A different bowl of oatmeal everyday!

3. Strawberries
Great recipes to eat, clear your pimples and whiten your teeth. And a great excuse to meet the awesome Crunchy Betty!

4. Banana Bread
I prefer baking traditional recipes, omitting the eggs and dairy without replacements. Luckily bananas are a perfect substitute for eggs.

5. Eggs Bennie
A creative recipe to "mock" my ultimate breakfast obsession. I love the trompe l'oeil poached egg.

6. Bacon
Miss the taste of bacon but not the slaughter? Tempeh bacon satisfies the flavour and crunch. Perfect on FLTs (facon, lettuce and tomato).

7. Quiche
Even real Vegans eat quiche! From one of my all-time favourite recipe sites, 101 Cookbooks.

8. French Toast
Sunday brunch is for Vegans! Bake this french toast in the oven while you lounge with your morning coffee and crossword.

9. Cereal Bars
Could this be any easier? Four ingredients including whatever cereal is in the cupboard. Instant treats!

10. Scones
I am picky about scone texture. I like them moist yet crumbly, almost biscuit-like. These orange scones are perfect and can be easily adapted to different flavourings.

11. Cinnamon Rolls
The secret, use your best recipe, replace the butter with vegan margarine, and don't use the egg (especially if it is a single egg).

Lunch Time!
12. Eggless Salad
Yummy, eggy textured with a dilly bite. Great on pumpernickle!

13. Spicy Banh Mi
Vietnamese street food sandwich. Also, if you sign in to Vegetarian Times you can save your favourite recipes.

14. Crab Cake
You know it's a party when she brings out the crab cakes :) This may be residue from having a mum from Cape Breton.

15. Carrot Soup
Pureed creamy soups are lovely. The colour and taste of carrot soup is invigorating but you can replace the carrots with any root vegetable. Just boil to soften, flavour and puree.

16. French Onion Soup
Seems like it should be vegan but never is, so make your own oniony, soupy, bready, cheezy goodness.

18. Jamaican Patties
A variation of a recipe from the book Vegan Soul Kitchen by Bryant Terry.

19. Chestnut Mushroom Pockets
Easy and elegant, don't be afraid of puff pastry!

20. Baked Onion Rings
PPK is only getting better with Isa's new low-fat recipes. Another great book for my collection.

21. Beggar's Purses
If we can't get to NYC's Candle Cafe then let us make pretty stuffed phylo purses at home.

22. The Vegan Stoner
Anything from this site because the recipes are easy, tasty and adorably illustrated!

23. Burritos
My favourite is black bean and sweet potato but burritos are probably the most versatile vegan meal. Use daiya cheese, conveniently shredded, instead of cheddar.

24. Chile Rellenos
Great appetizer with my favourite burrito dish. You can bake them too!

25. Poutine
Your annual Vegan Lumberjack party will never be the same! Try this piece of Canadiana with the chickpea gravy.

26. Chickpea Gravy
A gravy that will make your dad say, "I thought you were vegetarian!" It is also gluten free!

27. "Meat"loaf
Every good Vegan needs a bean loaf to make their parents proud. Plus it gives one an excuse to eat mashed potatoes and chickpea gravy.

28. Alfredo
The creamy comfort of a rich alfredo sauce is hard to beat. Make a batch of this and freeze it for an instant hug.

29. Pot Pie
This lentil pot pie will get you started but this is a great way to reformat your leftover curries, stews and chilis! Wow, your guests with pretty pastry.

30. Moussaka
Cover all your cravings: hearty, saucy and creamy with this traditional greek dish.

31. Moroccan Stew
Prunes in stew? Sounds fabulous! But if you aren't sold, try dried raisins, apricots or even cherries.

32. Barley Stew
A hearty stew with chunks of root vegetables in a gravy like broth. This brings me back to the large pot my dad would simmer on a Sunday but better (without the beef).

33. Ratatouille
It doesn't get any simpler than roasted veggies. Serve with a salad and crusty bread for an elegant meal.

34. Lancashire Hotpot
There are never enough casserole dishes to hide all the veggies in. Covered with potato slices, who could refuse?

35. Aloo Gobi
I love Indian spices and bonus that their recipes are often naturally vegan. Potato and cauliflower is the perfect way to ease into the glory of Indian cuisine.

36. Lasagna
Layered pasta and veggies with a creamy cashew ricotta.

37. Chili
The most popular kitchen sink recipe: one pot versatile meal to satisfy the most diverse group. Add cornbread or a crust, add macaroni, leftovers as sloppy joes or as a tofu dog topping.

38. Risotto
You mustn't fear Gordon Ramsey calling you a donkey! Risotto is actually easy to prepare, it just takes a little time and attention.

39. Veggie Stuffed Veggie
Use this as a base to stuff any veggie (zucchini, squash, tomato, pepper) with any veggie, grain and bean mixture.

40. Burgers
Prefry these burgers so they stick together and then grill em! Add your favourite burger toppings; salsa and guacamole are mine.

41. Guacamole
The simpler the better: a perfectly ripe avocado, some lime, some garlic, some salt. But for those who need a recipe, here is a good one!

42. Peanut Butter Cups
The Kind Diet has brought vegan food to the masses. One of my favourite treats from this book is also included in the recipes on The Kind Life website.

43. Chocolate Torte
Avocados! This delicious double chocolate torte is super rich and creamy thanks to avocados.

44. Almond Cookies
I admit I just love the idea of cats baking cookies. Check out the delightful vegan recipes and artwork at "They Draw and Cook."

45. Butter Tarts
Canadian comfort food. Make them and then you will understand the controversy. I like mine gooey, no raisins or nuts.

46. Whipped Cream
Summer berries and pies neeeeeeed whipped cream. This version uses coconut milk but still tastes very "creamy."

47. Buchty
Everything you love about a donut but baked and vegan.

48. Cheesecake
The raw cashews are worth it! This one is also gluten free and sugar free. Pinch yourself, it is not a dream.

49. World's Easiest Ice Cream
You don't need an ice cream maker! You don't need milk or cream! You do need to love bananas. :)

50. Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
The best vegan oatmeal raisin cookies (and if you don't like raisins, please try dried cherries or blueberries) by my favourite vegan baker. ;)

Don't see your favorite listed?  Tell us about it on Facebook. Of course don't forget the fantastic recipes from This Dish Is Veg team members!  www.nomeatzone.com The photo above features Katelyn's Peanut and Ginger noodles.

Catherine Cassidy
Catherine, aka the Goodness Baker, is a graphic designer, artist, writer, blogger, animal lover (especially kitties), traveler, and foodie. She adores her husband and his ability to take her flying and build her home. Catherine loves to cook vegetarian delights, work on cookbooks, illustrations, and fictional stories. Follow Catherine at the Goodness Bakeshop.

Photo credit: Katelyn Vajgrt