27 April 2011

‘Dog Wars’ apparently pulled from online Android Market

UPDATE 4/28 1p.m. ET: Dog Wars has been removed for copyright infringement.
UPDATE 4/27 7p.m. ET: Dog Wars is once again appearing in the online Android Marketplace. We will continue to follow the situation.

Apparently pressure applied from animal advocacy groups, Alicia Silverstone, Michael Vick and countless others on Google to drop the controversial “Dog Wars” application from the online Android Market has finally caused the tech giant to give in.

The app, created by Kage Games LLC, enabled players to realistically train cyber pit bulls by using brutal methods such as shock collars and steroid shots.

After training their dogs to “be the best,” participants then faced off in virtual competitions to earn virtual money that in turn allowed them to earn virtual “street cred.” The whole thing sounds virtually ridiculous.

The game prompted reaction from just about anyone who thinks dog fighting is disgusting, in other words just about everyone.

Vegan actress Alicia Silverstone penned a letter to Kage Games explaining that she couldn’t “believe her eyes” when she first saw the details of the disturbing game.

Eagles star QB Mike Vick, who knows firsthand the pitfalls of participating in dogfighting, explained, “I’ve come to learn the hard way that dogfighting is a dead-end street. Now, I am on the right side of this issue, and I think it’s important to send the smart message to kids, and not glorify this form of animal cruelty, even in an Android app.”

Kage Games was pretty much fighting a losing battle and it is doubtful that many folks feel sorry for the embattled company.

But do take note.

Google has not officially released any details on the removal of the game, but at last check "Dog Wars" was indeed not searchable at market.android.com.  However, the game can still be accessed through the marketplace on Android devices.

Eric Fortney | @elfortney | email
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