27 April 2011

Britney Spears bans junk food while on tour; should consider going vegan

Though her schoolgirl getup made her a household name more than 10 years ago, Britney Spears has managed to stand the test of time and stick around through countless embarrassing public moments (shaving her head, Kevin Federline), moving from tween idol to, well, whatever she is now.

Perhaps in an effort to redefine her public image, the former princess of pop is making sure to clean up her act, at least behind the scenes. It has been reported that the singer has issued strict rules for her upcoming "The Femme Fatale" tour, giving the boot to all forms of junk food and alcohol. Among the items that have been blacklisted are hot dogs, pizza and cookie dough ice cream (which, it should be noted, is weirdly specific).

Brit is also apparently requiring the presence of humidifiers and a mini-gym at each show, but if she really wants to increase her stamina without inspiring misery in her roadies and crew, maybe she should just consider going vegan. We all know about the merits of vegan cookie dough ice cream.

Stephanie DeBalko | @_stephanied_
Stephanie is a freelance writer who loves shelter dogs and Vegenaise. She recently came to the conclusion that the written word could be an amazing ally for all animals, and is choosing to use her nerdy love of grammar and punctuation for the greater good of animal welfare. She can also be found at Homespun by Stephanie.

Photo credit: Femme Fatale