25 April 2011

Budget cuts will have a direct impact on the wolf, Defenders of Wildlife reacts

The recent budget agreement by congress had an unsuspecting casualty, the wolves of the Northern Rockies. The budget cut includes a provision to strip federal protection for wolves in the Northern Rockies.

The provision was put forth by Sen. Jon Tester (Dem-MT) and Rep. Mike Simpson (Rep-ID). The provision requires the same 2009 delisting rule that was declared unlawful by a federal district court, while protecting the provision from legal challenge.

Rodger Schlickeisen, president of Defenders of Wildlife said:

What Congress has done today at the request of Senator Tester and Representative Simpson is unforgivable and marks a low point in the recent history of wildlife conservation. Never before has Congress stripped Endangered Species Act protections for one particular species, putting politics above sound science and our national commitment to conserving America’s wildlife.

Suzanne Stone, Northern Rockies representative for Defenders of Wildlife added:

Congress’ action to strip protections for wolves is an absolute and unnecessary travesty. What happens next is entirely up to the states. For years, western states and Idaho and Montana in particular have been demanding the right to manage wolves like they manage other wildlife. Now here’s their chance to prove that they can do so responsibly, based on the scientific principles of wildlife conservation rather than the incendiary rhetoric. As we move forward, we will be monitoring how wolves are managed, and we’ll work together with those who are willing to do their part to ensure a long-term future for wolves. We urge all Americans who care about wildlife to do the same to make sure that the wolves we fought so hard to restore are not needlessly eliminated once again.

Full text of the provision (Title VII, Sec. 1713, pg. 290)

Additional information on Defenders of Wildlife.

John Himmelberger | @johnhimm
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