20 April 2011

Subway to lower sodium content but no word on new meatless options

The world’s largest restaurant chain, Subway, is lowering the sodium content in its Fresh Fit sandwich line by 28 percent. This news follows a decision by the Milford, Connecticut-based company to cut sodium in all of its core sandwiches by 15 percent. Hey healthy is in.

"Through the years, consumers have looked to Subway for fresh and healthier food options," said Tony Pace, Subway Franchisee Advertising Fund chief marketing officer. "In a continual effort to exceed their expectations, we felt it was important to take this leadership role in terms of sodium reduction. This is another manifestation of Subway's mission to provide consumers with an abundance of made-to-order, flavorful and nutritious choices that they'll enjoy eating."

Any time positive news on the health front originates from a fast food franchisor you have to jump on it, especially if that establishment is Subway. When taking at look at the fast food landscape, Subway, at least on the surface, is the most palatable for vegans. With offerings such as the Veggie Delite and of course the corporate decision to phase in cage-free eggs—we can debate that move another time—Jared’s favorite eatery is head and shoulders above competitors like, say, McDonald’s.

However, why not make good even better by offering meat-free alternatives?

Giving vegans and other plant-based food lovers additional options would make Subway THE go to place when a quick meal is a necessity. Even those of us who love to cook need a break once in awhile.

Check out Compassion Over Killings (COK) campaign to convince Subway to add veggie meats to its already robust menu.

The more options the better.

Eric Fortney | @elfortney | email
Eric is the co-founder and executive editor of the animal rights and eco-friendly news source, This Dish Is Veg. In addition to his work at TDIV, Eric is a father of three, runner, and lover of the outdoors.

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