14 April 2011

'The Raw Truth' is not strictly vegan but offers a wealth of information

New York Times best selling author, Jordan Rubin has put together a well-researched, informative handbook about the power of living nutrients. A long time sufferer of Crohn’s Disease, a disorder that attacks the small intestine, often spreading to the colon and part of the large intestine; Crohn's is characterized by diarrhea, cramping, and loss of appetite and weight, with local abscesses and scarring, Rubin set out on a physical and spiritual pilgrimage in search of answers and relief finding triumph in raw, living foods along the coast of San Diego.

As a raw foodie myself, I appreciate the wealth of information Rubin offers, as well as reference to the pioneers of raw food education, such as Ann Wigmore, and more currently, Ani Phyo, prominent raw food expert, chef and author, as well as Charlie Pinkston, the creator of The Vegan Muse. Offering substantial raw food nutritional information along with easily accessible integrative suggestions, Rubin lays the groundwork for a smooth transition from the Standard American Diet (SAD) to one literally full of life and vigor.

Having said that, it must be noted that Rubin himself is a Raw Food Omnivore who incorporates raw milks, cheese and animal flesh into his diet. If you are like me, an ethical vegan who chooses to abstain from any and all animal products based on the belief that animals and their by-products are not ours to eat, than The Raw Truth may not be the best place to begin your transition to a raw food diet. However, Rubin does incorporate Raw Vegan options within his meal plans as well as in his personally produced products. I say take what you like and the leave the rest behind.

Jordan Rubin
The Raw Truth
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Erica Settino
Erica Settino is the co-founder and executive director of the non-profit organization, Karuna For Animals: Compassion In Action, Inc. A long time vegetarian turned passionate vegan, she works tirelessly to educate others on the countless benefits of adopting a vegan diet. For more information about Erica and her work visit karunaforanimals.com.

Photo credit: TDIV