Deer and Canadian goose become BFFs in Buffalo cemetery

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An unusual cross species friendship between a goose and a deer has developed in a cemetery in upstate New York. Employees at the cemetery noticed the young male buck seemed to be keeping a protective watch over the Canadian goose, who is sitting on a nest of eggs in an empty cemetery urn.

The lady goose has apparently lost her mate, which makes her and her eggs vulnerable to predators. Passersby report seeing the deer take a protective stance when people and dogs have approached the nesting goose, and place itself in between the urn and the perceived threat.

Wildlife experts are puzzled over why these two animals seem to have formed a bond.

The special friendship has sparked interest in the community and beyond, and Forest Lawn Cemetery officials are trying to arrange for a webcam so the curious can check in on the nest.

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Photo credit: WGRZ Buffalo video screen capture

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