11 April 2011

Ohio Fresh Eggs fined $635,000, settles pollution claims

Ohio Fresh Eggs (OFE), the largest producer of eggs in Ohio has been fined $635,000 in order to settle dozens of pollution and permit complaints. Being hit with 71 violations at its farms in three Ohio counties in central Ohio, Ohio Fresh Eggs agreed to make environmental improvements.

No stranger to bad publicity, Ohio Fresh Eggs' abuses were first revealed to the public in 2004 after the animal rights group Mercy For Animals released shocking video and photographs exposing filthy, disease-ridden conditions including hundreds of thousands of egg-laying hens with broken, damaged, and feces-covered feathers packed into battery cages so small they couldn't spread their wings.

OFE's horrific and morally corrupt actions caught up with them in 2009 when the United States Environmental Protection Agency announced that Ohio Fresh Eggs pled guilty in court to illegally discharging egg wash water and was fined $300,000 for clean water violations. And just last year, OFE was back in the spotlight after more than a quarter million salmonella-contaminated eggs were recalled from its central Ohio facility.

Ohio Fresh Eggs, a perpetual abuser, is guilty of egregious animal abuse, environmental damage and poses a public safety risk and should be forced to close. The best action caring consumers can take to end animal abuse, help the environment and safeguard their own health is to pull support from the egg industry and adopt a vegan diet. Egg-free recipes and tips on cooking without eggs can be found here.

Corey Roscoe | Facebook
Corey serves as Mercy For Animals' Ohio Campaign Coordinator, organizing events and campaigns, and coordinating volunteers throughout Ohio. Adopting a plant-based diet 20 years ago, Corey's goal is to work within her community to promote awareness of vegan diets to help widen people's circles of compassion.

Photo credit: Farm Sanctuary