04 April 2011

Illinois man who executed his brother's cat over affair pleads guilty

Illinois resident Sean Mulcahy has pleaded guilty to a felony animal cruelty charge after slitting the throat of his brother's cat Lucifer. Sean Mulcahy's motive for murder was revenge and was fueled by alcohol.

Sean was out for revenge when he discovered that his fiancée and his older brother Ryan were having an affair. Instead of confronting his brother man to man, Sean decided to take the cowards way and inflict pain onto a defenseless animal. After getting drunk, Sean sought out his brother's cat Lucifer and slash his throat. Shortly after, Ryan received a text message with a picture of his murdered cat.

Though the prosecution was seeking 3 months of jail time for Sean Mulcahy, he was only sentenced to 30 months of probation and 150 hours of community service. While on probation he will be prohibited from having any pets or weapons.

Far too often pets are victims of abuse because of conflicts between humans. Abusers often threated violence against the pets of the people they are trying to abuse or take advantage of. The elderly are prime targets of this because of their love for their pets and inability to defend themselves. I believe mandatory jail time is needed in cases like this to reduce the crime rate.

Peter Godoy | @petergodoy
Peter lives in San Diego with two animal companion cats, Gremlin and Mila, and has no plans to ever leave America's Finest City. He was vegetarian for a couple months until he saw the light and became a vegan. Animal rights has become his passion. Peter enjoys reading vegan blogs and cooking vegan meals. Follow Peter on Facebook.

Photo credit:cc:flickr.com/photos/genbug