03 March 2011

15 sure signs you're a vegan; take the test to determine your veganized level

There are many signs of veganism, some more obvious than others. Still, it's a condition that can be tricky to diagnose. Here's a handy guide that can help you determine just how veganized you really are:

How many of the following statements apply to you?
  1. You have a pet named Daiya.
  2. Your guiltiest pleasure involves brown rice syrup and arrowroot powder. 
  3. Every new Got Milk? ad raises your blood pressure.
  4. You've considered buying stock in Earth Balance.
  5. Your kids think kale is a food group.
  6. The last time you went to McDonald's was because you had to pee.
  7. You know the difference between a batting cage and a battery cage.
  8. Your family's favorite condiment is Vegenaise.
  9. You're still talking about that vegan baker who won Cupcake Wars.
  10. Your bologna has a first name, it's Y-V-E-S.
  11. You worry that the faux-fur trim on your jacket doesn't look faux enough.
  12. You're anti-casein, pro-Gardein.
  13. Your copy of Veganomicon is splattered with tahini stains.
  14. Whenever someone says "You can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs," you say "Wanna bet?"
  15. If you had a dollar for every time you've been asked the "protein question" you could retire.

Interpreting your results:
10 or more? Congratulations, you're officially vegan!
5–9? You're a borderline vegan; take all necessary precautions.
0–4? Sorry, you didn't make the cut; better luck next time!

Elizabeth Gordon | Facebook
Elizabeth is an Asian-Appalachian writer, activist, and college professor living in north central Massachusetts. Once an avowed carnivore, she was a vegetarian for 15 years before making the conversion to veganism. She is passionate about trying to live a life that lessens, rather than contributes to, the amount of cruelty and suffering in this world. Follow Elizabeth on her Vegosphere blog and Facebook page.

Photo credit: TDIV