30 March 2011

Animal Planet to air vegan reality show this summer

Everyone loves cupcakes and animals, right? Well this summer you can keep your channel surfing to a minimum while getting your sweet and furry fix as Animal Planet will be airing a new reality show called Sweet Avenger, which chronicles the life of vegan baker and animal activist Danielle Konya.

Konya, who is the owner of the Bethlehem, Pennsylvania-based vegan bakery Vegan Treats, is on a mission to save animals one cupcake at a time by showing how delectable desserts can be made without harming earth's creatures. She is baking up a storm to bring veganism into the mainstream one bite at a time.

"I want to show people that by eating a vegan confection, you're directly saving the lives of cows, chickens and thereby the environment and habitats of thousands of other exotic species," says Konya. "There's nothing appetizing about the suffering of 10 billion animals a year, and my treats can satisfy both the palate and the conscience."

The series will follow Konya as she runs her business, with the help of her mom and best friend, juggling custom orders and a full calendar of special events. 

As well as being a successful business woman and animal activist, Konya is also a single mom to a teenage daughter.

Danielle’s celebrity fans include Alicia Silverstone and Joan Jett, and her accolades include a PETA Proggy Award for Best Bakery.

So get your cupcakes and your cats ready for some couch time to watch all twelve episodes coming to Animal Planet this summer.

Robin Lawless | @robmlaw | email
Robin lives in New York City and writes about all things animal, vegetable, and sometimes mineral at her blog wildnewyorkblog.com. Visit her there to read about animal friendly lifestyles in the Big Apple and beyond. Feel free to add Robin as a friend on Facebook.

Photo credit: cc: flickr.com/photos/rinalia