28 March 2011

Discovery Channel to premiere 'Human Planet' in April

This April, Discovery and the creators of Planet Earth and Life are releasing Human Planet. The new six-part series will cover the human species’ unique ability to survive in some of Earth’s most extreme environments. The Discovery Channel will debut the series in the US Sunday April 10, 17, and 24 and will air two episodes from 8-10 PM ET/PT each night.

Human Planet was filmed in high definition in over 70 locations from the frozen Arctic to parched deserts. Each hour-long episode features a different habitat including the Arctic, Grasslands and Jungles, Rivers and Oceans, Mountains, and Deserts.

Some of the communities featured in Human Planet are:

• Women and children who routinely cross the central Sahara to trade dates and collect water from a single well, using only the patterns of the stars and dunes for navigation.
• The Korowai people of West Papua, who live in wooden tree houses more than 10 stories above the forest floor -- the higher the house, the greater the prestige.
• Inuits of Northeast Canada who take advantage of extreme tides to harvest mussels; they can either drown or be crushed beneath the sea ice if they don't escape to the surface before the tides return.
• Children in Kenya who hunt for honey with birds as their guides, braving trees buzzing with African killer bees.

"Human Planet is the story of us, uniquely told through the lens of the world's premier natural history filmmaking," said Clark Bunting, president and general manager of Discovery Channel. "Throughout the series, viewers will be transported to some of the most stunning locations on Earth to bear witness to intensely captivating stories of human perseverance and survival."

The full lineup is as follows (all times ET/PT):

Sunday, April 10
8PM Rivers and Oceans
9PM Mountains

Sunday, April 17
8PM Arctic
9PM Grasslands and Jungles

Sunday, April 24
8PM Deserts
9PM Life at the Extremes

Kristen McFarland | @MohawkedMaven
Kristen, a vegan from Cincinnati, Ohio, is passionate about animal rights and film. She has a degree in electronic media and spends her time working as a sideshow performer and a photographer. Follow Kristen on Facebook.

Photo credit: Discovery Channel