22 March 2011

Ellen DeGeneres to receive PETCO Foundation's Hope award

The PETCO foundation holds an annual gala that rewards public figures with a HOPE award that symbolizes the hope in promoting the bond between humans and animals. This year America’s funny lady, Ellen DeGeneres, will be receiving this noble accolade.

Ellen says, “I wish we lived in a world where caring for animals wasn't so rare that it deserved an award. All I do is treat animals with the respect and dignity they deserve. I hope someday soon, everyone does the same. PETCO and the PETCO Foundation have made great efforts to protect animals and I commend them for going above and beyond the call of duty."

The gala will be held in San Diego on April 30th, 2011. All proceeds from the event will go to the Halo Pet Foundation.

For more information on the PETCO Foundation, visit the official website here.

Julia is a student who has a passion for veganism, animal welfare, and religious studies.

Photo credit: cc:flickr.com/photos/tulanesally